Tokyo Mew Mew Power!

Tokyo Mew Mew Power!

Welcome To Tokyo Mew Mew Power! ^_^!

Welcome! This is my first single Tokyo Mew Mew Fansite. And when I say Single, it just means that it's my first tokyo mew mew fansite without another anime included.  This site is about "Tokyo Mew Mew" and all the characters pages and blogs! Enjoy your stay at Tokyo Mew Mew Power!^_^!

Strawberry Nya~!Mew Mew Style, Mew Mew Grace, Mew Mew Power in your face ~nya!^_^!       ~Nya!♥

 *Hey Everyone! The Tokyo Mew Mew Power Fansite has been updataed! Check out the new photos and new pictures for each of the Mew Mews Pages! (New Photos are in the Photo album page. New Pics are in each of the Mew Mews Pages Even Tokyo Mew Mew~Nya! Has been updated with new pics as well! Oh, and For the rest of the Mew Mews Stories, Sorry I'm not making any more of them! You can write your own Mew Mew Fanfics by joining the site and Creating a New Photo album called "Tokyo Mew Mew Fanfics" or  whatever! Type a story on paint and save it so you can share it with us!^_^! Enjoy our New Updates to the TMMP Fansite!n_n!*

Homepage Updated on: Friday, August 17,2012 @ 6:25 PM

 Another Update! OMG!!! :)! 

 Hello there everyone! It's been a while since our last update here on Tokyo Mew Mew Power, but now TMMP has new updates! Chat room is now available on the Tokyo Mew Mew~Nya! Page.Chat with your mew mew friends there! Also, a song is added here on the homepage! To get a different feel of Tokyo Mew Mew, this version of My Sweetheart is a vocaloid cover. Vocal: Hatsune Miku. More Music will be added soon to other pages of this site. Please look forward to them! :)!

(Note: btw, the song's not here yet, but it will come soon! My computer's been acting up on me lately, so I have to wait til I get it to work again to upload the song here. :)! )

Homepage Updated on: Thursday, January 23,2014 @ 8:18 PM

 *New Update*

Hello! New Images on Mew Mew Strawberry~Nya! Page have been added since the last ones disappeared without a trace. Anyways, I'm having some Technical difficulties on Tokyo Mew Mew~Nya! page. Everytime I visit it, the Gabbly chat website appears other than the page on this site. I have to stop it before it loads the page and then kidnaps me. If you are experiencing the same thing, then please let me know by joining and PM-ing me! I'll take care of it ASAP! Also, If there is the My sweetheart original theme on that page, and it keeps looping, please ignore it and tell me if the song is on there and it keeps looping. I'll try and fix it, and if not, I will just remove it.

Thanks! !


Homepage Updated on: Sunday, January 26,2014 @ 10:59 PM

Hello! Mewmewpudding here! Don't worry about the Gabbly chat, one of the mods on here noticed that it wasn't working on her mobile device either, so we decided to get rid of it. Anyways, that doesn't mean that the chat page is gone forever, there's a new chat widget I just put up there! *Though you need to join Tokyo Mew Mew Power! first before you post.* (Sorry, I don't trust guests. Could be spammers.) Anyways, feel free to chat about anything there! Just be sure to follow the rules, okay?


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(Update removed)

Homepage updated on: Thursday,March,6,2014 @ 10:10 PM

*New Update*

Hello everyone~Nya! =^.^=! Mewmewpudding here Nano-da! Since school is over, I can come back to update here. Anyways, I will be adding some more episodes of Tokyo Mew Mew soon, so please look forward to that. I will be adding some new photos here as well. Anyways, glad to be back, even though I have summer school, I will try to do my best to visit here often, and update the site. Tokyo Mew Mew Power for ever~Nya! =^.^=! Look forward to new photos, videos and updates here soon! :)!

Homepage updated on: Sunday,June,8,2014 @ 10:23 AM



Mew Mew Power ~Nya~!n_n!

Take a look on how many Mews stopped on by to visit us~Nya!=^.^=♥

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